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The natural edges, wavy grain lines, quilting, unique colors, knots and bark inclusions are the characteristics that define live edge wood. Each wood slab has specific feature and will vary from log to log milled. The pictures shown on this page is evident of the varying difference in grain patterns and characteristics of the wood. This is what makes live edge wood so distinctive and special. Please contact garie@gccreativeworks.com for ordering and availability information.
Arizona grown desert hardwood is uniquely hand-crafted and custom designed from weathered-down trees found in the suburban metropolitan Phoenix area. By acquiring desert hardwood logs allows me to create 100% sustainable, repurposed live edge wood designs. Both sides of live edge slab goes to a router sled table to obtain desired flat surface and thickness. As the wood slab ages, noticeable cracks on the wood may appear due to its natural dry cracking process and changes in humidity and temperature.  
Live edge magnetic knife holder wall mount has multiple Neodymium super strong magnets routed depth evenly, embedded in the back of the wood and sealed with epoxy. Note*** Knives in the picture not included. Its solely use for descriptive visual purpose only.
Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets. They provide unparalleled levels of magnetism and resistance to demagnetization.
They are also described as rare-earth magnets, because neodymium is part of the rare-earth family of elements.
Hand rubbed finish using OLD MASTERS gel polyurethane clear satin gel and food grade oils. It brings out the natural beauty of wooden surfaces; durable coating for use on wood surfaces and contains ultraviolet absorbers for advanced sun protection.
Please allow 7-10 days to complete from the time order is received.
Garie Chavez | Artist & Musician: I have been designing live edge wood art and furniture design since 2015. Patience, persistence, passion and attention to detail are the key ingredients to my creative work. My goal is for my clients to have a piece of art that they cherish, and know that it is truly one of a kind and made especially for them. Thank you for allowing my art to be part of your home and family.
PRICE: $300 - $500 (depending on size and number knife placement)

Live Edge Table Top Magnetic Knife Holder Fractal Art

Live Edge Magnetic Knife Holder

Live Edge Table Top Magnetic Knife Holder Straight Edge Table Top Vertical Magnetic Knife Mount

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