Garie Kai Chavez has been designing live edge wood art since 2015. Patience, persistence, passion and attention to detail are the key ingredients to my work. My goal is for my clients to have a piece of art that they cherish, and know that it is truly one of a kind and made especially for them.

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GC Creative Works offer custom live edge wood designs from functional art, epoxy inlay and fractal designs. I specialize in charcuterie boards, fractal wall art, wine bottle art, coffee tables, front entry tables, sofa tables, dining tables, floating shelves, magnetic firearm holder, magnetic knife holder, live edge guitar hanger, live edge bat holder, live edge fractal crosses and more.

GC Enterprise / GC Creative Works donate monthly to the Phoenix Children's Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood Disorder Foundation. Thank you for your support.

Arizona Residents are subject to current sales tax rate of 8.10% which will be added to your total order. Internet sales are applicable to certain US states.

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