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Live Edge Cross
PRICE: $150

LIVE EDGE WOOD: The natural edges, wavy grain lines, quilting, unique colors, knots and bark inclusions are the characteristics that define live edge wood. Each wood slab has specific feature and will vary from log to log milled.
CHARCUTERIE BOARD: Each live edge desert hardwood is uniquely hand-crafted and custom designed from weathered-down trees around Maricopa County, Arizona. By acquiring these logs, it allows me to create 100% sustainable, re-purposed live edge wood art designs. Locally source and made in North Peoria, Arizona.
FRACTAL ART: A process of applying 20,000 volts of electricity to the wood surface recreating a lightning strike in slow motion as well as unique abstract figures, tree and vein like shapes. It is sealed with epoxy inlay ink self-leveling high gloss U.V. resistant formula.
EPOXY: Self-leveling high gloss U.V. resistant formula epoxy with color pigment is added to seal the burns created during fractal art process on the surface of the wood. The colors available are: (Arizona Gold, Army Green, Black, Blue Metallic, Cardinal Metallic, Caribbean Blue, Emerald Metallic, Golden Yellow, Hawaiian Blue, Hunter Green, Orange, Purple Metallic, Red, Sky Blue, Teal Metallic, Turquoise Blue, White)
OIL FINISH: Hand rubbed Old Masters clear satin gel polyurethane and food grade oils to bring out the natural beauty of wooden surfaces.
USE AND CARE: Do not immerse wood in water or put in dishwasher. Soak wash cloth in warm water and mild soap and wipe wood surface after use. To revitalize desert hardwood, apply John Boos Mystery oil and wipe off excess.
Garie Chavez [Artist &Musician] – I have been designing live edge wood art since 2015. Patience, persistence, passion and attention to detail are the key ingredients to my work. My goal is for my clients to have a piece of art that they cherish, and know that it is truly one of a kind and made especially for them. Thank you for having my art in your home.
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DIMENSIONS: Length: 14-15”, Width: 8-9”, Thickness: ¾ to 1-1/4” (varies)
PRICE: $130 - $400 (depending on size)
CUSTOM ORDERS: Please contact garie@gccreativeworks.com or call 623-533-9376 for custom order request, laser engraving, epoxy color or design style shape.

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